How to Effectively Increase SEO Ranking: Getting into the top 5

At iQe Labs, we find ourselves answering commonly asked questions on organic and paid search almost every day from our clients and prospects. Starting in this new year, we’ll be starting a new series to highlight some of the most interesting and important topics that we think relate to the life science industry. 

One of the topics we get the most questions about is SEO—and how to increase it. The reason for the confusion is because SEO is not the simple adding of keywords to your website or hiding alt text in pixel images.

First things first. Why is SEO important?

You want your business to be found in all areas of the search results to reach the greatest amount of prospects. Did you know that consumers click six times on an organic listing for every one time they click on a paid ad (6:1 ratio)? That’s why we try to illustrate to all of our clients how important a comprehensive SEO strategy is. 

Within the organic search results almost all of the clicks are going to the top five placements, while less than 5% are going to listings on the second page. So how do you ensure you get make it onto the top 5?

Getting you into the top 5:

A combined SEM, SEO and Listing management strategy will increase the amount of real estate your business controls and ensure potential clients find you no matter how they are searching. We focus on “white hat” strategies and practices that are favored by the search engines to capture prime real estate for our clients. Whether people are searching on phones, tablets, Alexas, or whatnots, our work takes into consideration searches originating from anywhere.

We focus on keywords that are most relevant to your business for on-site and offsite strategies to ensure your business builds authority and popularity in the eyes of both prospects and search engines to drive you up in the results. On-site, we focus on how your pages are constructed and architected, your content, format, and use of product and geographical data. From an offsite perspective, we focus on your popularity by building links, creating blogs and ensuring your overall directory and social presence is pristine and relevant. 

SEO and SEM focus

For SEO and SEM always focus on “white hat” strategies and practices that are favored by the search engines to capture the top search engine results (SERP). We always take into consideration searches on smartphones and tablets as well, this is known as a mobile first approach. As with all our solutions, we will provide you with reporting and bi-weekly consultation so you can see the progress that is being made. We do this to ensure we are always aligned and moving forward as an extension of your team.

Feel free to comment with any questions you have about your business or clients. Want to suggest a topic for the following week? We’ll add it to our queue. Want to get started building your brand? Schedule a 30 minute free consultation.