Powerful Techniques for Your Life Science Marketing Strategy

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The key to successfully creating a marketing strategy that works for your organization is figuring out which marketing techniques and methods you need to invest in. We’ve listed a few of them in order of how to begin the development process.

Brand awareness marketing

A fundamental or foundational marketing strategy refers to a plan of creating the base assets you need to support future marketing campaigns. Importantly, a marketing “campaign” isn’t the same as a marketing strategy. Campaigns have specific short-term goals, whereas marketing strategies are more like long-term guidelines on how to communicate with your audience.

A foundational marketing strategy is one of the first things you’ll create when you start building your brand.

Brand awareness marketing includes:

  • Creating a website with a blog calendar for digital marketing.
  • Using paid media or PPC ads on Google to push your website to the top of the search results pages.
  • Designing logos, graphics, literature, and other visual representations of your brand.
  • Launching social media pages where you can begin to develop an identity and strengthen connections with your audience.

Relationship-based marketing strategy

Relationship-based marketing or executional marketing refers to any marketing strategy examples you might use to build deeper connections with your target audience. This form of advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years to help develop trust in their brands.

Some examples of how to keep your customer connected to your brand or product:

  • Social media marketing: Social media is a critical part, as it helps customers take part in ongoing conversations with their favorite brands. The key to success is choosing the right platforms to reach your audience.
  • Email marketing: Still one of the most popular ways to keep any brand top of mind, email marketing allows you to share offers and insights with your customers instantly, using segmentation with your messages is imperative.
  • Content marketing: Blogs, guides, videos, podcasts, and other forms of content are perfect for developing long-standing relationships with your audience and reminding them of your value.

Authority marketing for Life Sciences

To gain credibility, as well as building strong relationships with their target audiences, companies also need to demonstrate that they have authority in their space. The more you develop your brand authority, the more likely your audience are to trust whatever you’re trying to promote.

Here are a few ways that companies can build their marketing strategies to strengthen credibility:

  • Thought-leadership marketing: Thought leadership marketing can come in the form of content marketing, writing case studies, participating in Q&A sessions, or even launching interviews online.
  • Word of mouth marketing: One of the most powerful marketing techniques in the world and should be a component of your marketing strategy. It’s the best way to convince your potential customers that you can deliver on your brand promises.
  • Earned media marketing: Earned media marketing refers to the publicity or exposure you get from your word-of-mouth marketing, SEO, or shared content. It can include social media testimonials, newspaper articles, and press releases.

Innovative or Disruptive marketing strategies:

Creating a marketing strategy that works doesn’t always mean sticking to the best practices you see elsewhere. Innovative marketing techniques are the forward thinking and unique approaches that companies take to separate themselves from the norm. .

Some innovative life science marketing strategies might include:

  • Viral marketing: videos, podcasts and blogs designed around trending topics or shareable content.
  • Exponential marketing: Learning how to develop a marketing strategy doesn’t mean committing to spending all your time online. Interacting with the science community through unique offline experiences can be just as powerful through an experiential marketing approach.
  • Cause marketing: Life Science brands with strong connections to charity organizations or open source science communities can partner with these organizations to strengthen their reputation and pave the way for exciting marketing campaigns.

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