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We have a great track record with our clients, but we understand that sometimes it’s important to make sure the team or consultant you hire is the right fit. We offer a cost effective solution to work with our team without making a dent in your budget. We’ve developed this program to get to know the team you’ll work with before a big project begins. Or if you’ve got a project with a quick turnaround, we can also offer support to your program managers, creative or development teams. We can even set up your social media or PPC advertising quickly and effectively, helping you hit your performance goals.

Why hire a marketing mentor?

  • Train and guide young team members in best marketing practices
  • Gain a professional, objective review of your current marketing with a team who touts over 20 years of experience in the life science marketing space
  • Plan, guide, choose and direct new marketing programs for new audiences, products or services
  • Explore new directions for digital, social, web or inbound marketing
  • Grow skills and add an experienced perspective to your team
  • Prioritize multiple projects and initiatives to focus on what works
  • Support your organization when presenting new strategies to leadership
  • Build fresh creative campaigns quickly and effectively
  • Develop your promo pages or websites, or troubleshoot and fix broken code

What you’ll achieve with our mentoring services:

Your employees will discover new directions, learn new tactics and grow in their capabilities and effectiveness.

As a marketing mentor to young team members we help them grow in their knowledge and capabilities.

You’ll grow your team’s skills while you boost your marketing effectiveness.

If you’re a marketing manager, you’ll have someone to talk to, to brainstorm with, someone with valuable insight and fresh ideas. Meetings are inventive, interesting and energizing.

Choose the program that will help you and your Life Sciences team succeed:


Four hours a month of scheduled one-hour mentoring calls, plus two hours of review and direction for specific actions, tactics and programs. Minimum of two months: $500 per month.


Four hours a month of scheduled one-hour mentoring calls, plus two hours per month of intensive planning and two hours of review and direction for specific actions, tactics and programs. Minimum of three months: $1200 per month.


Ideal for a team: Eight hours a month of scheduled two-hour mentoring calls, plus three hours per week of intensive planning and four hours of review and direction for specific actions, current tactics and ongoing programs. Minimum of three months: $2200 per month.

Tactical plus support:

For the life sciences organization that wants to expand their marketing capabilities without adding staff, we offer planning, strategy and implementation for offline and online branding—including content updates for websites, analytics, and social media management. Minimum three month retainer to create and implement a program, then train team members to take it over. Monthly fee based on the scope of work required, beginning at $3200.

Inbound marketing:

When it’s time to turn your website into a magnet for new business and reduce the cost of finding qualified leads, call on us. Our experts will work with your team to create the strategy and implement the components—from keyword analysis to positioning to content review and creation to landing pages and analytics—using the HubSpot platform. We can then train your team to take it over, or continue to provide services to supplement your marketing team. Starting at $6000 per month for a minimum of four months.

Remote Marketing Workshops:

If ongoing support isn’t a fit, choose Remote Marketing Training. These workshops will bring a marketing or leadership team together to identify new strategies and positioning in a half- or full-day of intensive discussion, brain-teasing exercises and expert guidance. With this foundation, staff will have a clear direction and can move forward quickly. Content can be customized for your company and industry. Fees range from $1000 to $2000.

Quick Help: review, strategy, direction and feedback:

Copy editing, defining positioning, drafting marketing strategies and providing art direction are available for $120 per hour.

Try us free for 30 minutes by scheduling your meeting.

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