Marketing acquisitions and search engine optimization

When to use SEO or SEM

Using SEO tactics, marketers optimize their websites by working through technical SEO, on-page SEO, content creation, and off-page SEO to create the best result for a particular query that deserves to rank at the top of Google.

While with SEO, it can often take months to see results, with SEM, you can be driving clicks in a very short period of time but may still need time with SEM to get conversions (we cover this in our article on marketing strategy techniques).

You can take full control over when ads show and who sees them, making the channel perfect for testing out new strategies, sending traffic to a sale, or for accelerating traffic during quieter periods. You should also use SEM for retargeting, where the consumer can see a second version of your ad to reinforce your marketing message.

How does all of this work with mergers and acquisitions? It is a complex path that can be made simple if you plan in advance.